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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Working Mama!

I'm a week late checking in but the first two weeks of work have been AMAZING!!  First of all, I love my job.  Great group of people, exactly the work I wanted to be doing and my chosen speciality.  That makes the days fast and fun.  I got my first paycheck since August 2010 when I was laid off and I wanted to burst into tears.  Things have been tight for so long and school was so much work but it is finally paying off.

Now for the family.  I must say, I have the greatest husband in the world.  He didn't come out of a box that way (we're 9 years into our relationship) but neither did I.  We have completely shaped each other and he has been perfect.  His off days are during the week and he drops the kids off, picks them up and all the other things I would be doing if I were home.  He has made it so much easier for me knowing the children have him.

Second, we have the greatest babysitter in the world.  She picks the boys up and feeds them, makes them play outside, takes them other places if we ask her to and most of all loves them.  They love her too.  She communicates with the teachers and relays things to us.  She is just a huge blessing to us.

All my fears have been relieved.  Okay, maybe not all of them.  I want to go on in school but before I can I have to take statistics.  I was really hoping there would be an evening class that I could do after work but out of three college campuses I could go to, not a single one offers the course at night.  So online it is.  That makes me nervous because it's math and math is not historically my best subject.  But with an hour-long lunch everyday and a husband who is great at math, I'm hoping I can get it done.

When it comes to the mister and the children, I'm learning that quality time can mean just as much as quantity of time.  I may not be here for every bump, bruise or game, but when I am here-I'm present.  They have my undivided attention.  It could be the guilt of being away rearing it's ugly head but I'd like to think it's because I no longer take my time with them for granted.  Not that I ever was but I always knew we'd have time later and could procrastinate.

In conclusion, I'm a very goal-driven person.  I want to achieve this and when I get there, next that and so on and so forth.  As my pastor preached this morning, "tomorrow isn't promised and yesterday is gone so today is the best you got."  I'm pretty good and learning from yesterday and striving for tomorrow but I'm going to try to pay more attention to today.  Right now, right here.  Being present wherever I am with whoever I'm with.  I think it will make me a better wife, mother and nurse.  Goals are good to have but shouldn't prevent us from enjoying what we have already attained.

Have a wonderful week and Happy Valentine's Day.


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